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Tag! I'm It!

Tag! I'm It!

Mika Beggs, the amazing woman behind the blog The Beggs Bunch surprised me with a tag in a Q & A post. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to share a little more with you about who I am! Thank you so much for your support! {also, her blog is great! Check it out!} 

What's the inspiration behind your blog? Life. Motherhood. Marriage. Friendship. Beauty. Travel. So often, I find humor, comfort, and support from reading about other people's experiences- maybe someone will find that here, too! 

How did you and your husband meet? I met Russell through his stepmom. I was working as a salon assistant at the time, and she was a senior stylist. He was living in Michigan, and I was living in Chicago. One night, after a few conversations about him with his stepmom, I sent him a Facebook message {true story: I talked a lot about the weather!}, and the rest is history! 

What is one thing you make sure to do every day with your kids? My daughter is about to turn 3 months old, so besides changing diapers and making sure she's fed, I give a ridiculous amount of kisses and snuggles. I'm also a HUGE fan of reading! We read multiple books almost every day! 

Do you plan to add to your family? You mean like a dog? Or a fish?? ;) Oh...more kids??.... yes! We'd love to keep growing our little family! {And dogs and fish are not excluded from our growth plans, either!} 

What do you do in your professional life? I work in the mental health field, and I love it! Currently, I work as an assistant at a bipolar speciality clinic, and prior to my second trimester, I spent time in the ER providing brief interventions for individuals with substance abuse disorders. I absolutely love this field of work, no matter the capacity! 

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Skiing! I am not one to seek out the most intense runs, as I'm pretty risk-averse, but I love the whole event of it! Loading up the car, stopping for coffee, gearing up, coasting down a snowy mountain, enjoying the views, and ending the day with comfy clothes, pizza, and beer. It just doesn't get much better than that. 

What is your spirit animal? Well, my nickname is Goose {short for Silly Goose}, but "Spirit Animal" just seems so serious, so a Goose clearly wouldn't work. Naturally, I took an online quiz and it said my spirit animal is a bear! I like bears! 

What is one thing you hope for in the future? I hope for so many things!! If I had to pick just one, it would be that I hope Riley wants to share things with me. I have this daydream of visiting her while she's in college and taking her for coffee. I can't wait to listen to her perspectives, ideas, thoughts, and experiences. I'm beyond excited to listen

Where is your dream vacation? Honestly, I absolutely love cruising, and I would LOVE to go ice fishing in Alaska. I'd also love to visit Germany! I have a lot of "dream vacations"! 

If you could pick any person in the whole world to have lunch with, who would it be and why? Gosh.... I really don't like having to choose JUST ONE! You know what would be fun? If I could put like 200 names in a hat, and pull one out and just go with it. Everyone has such an interesting story, I'll be nervous no matter who it is or where we go, and it will surely be a surprise. Yep. That's what I would do! 


I tag the wonderful Sara Langford of Grace In Chaos to answer the questions below and tag another blogger with questions of your own. 

1. How do you cope with writers block? 2. What is your motto for good days? 3. What is your motto for bad days? 4. Favorite dessert coffee drink? 5. Are you where you thought you'd be ten years ago? 6. Describe what you think your average Tuesday will look like ten years from now.  7. Where are you traveling to next? 8. It's the zombie apocalypse. How do you survive? 9. Who comes to mind when you hear the word "love"? 10. Tell us your favorite joke. 


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