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2016: Celebrating Resolutions That Could Have Been

2016: Celebrating Resolutions That Could Have Been

2016 has had its fair share of bumps, but it has also been filled with plenty of hugs, love, and of course, baby cuddles. This past year was a fabulous year for me, in part because I was lucky enough to bring my daughter home from the hospital safe and sound. I have loved getting to know her and look forward to growing our bond as a family in 2017. 

It is New Year’s Eve and everyone is talking about resolutions for the year ahead. Since I have never been very good at coming up with resolutions, I’ve decided to celebrate the end of 2016 with five resolutions that could have been - meaning, if I had made them, I would have stuck to them! Writing them out made me feel so accomplished! Instead of thinking about what I will do, I was able to look back at what I DID. It’s amazing how wonderful a change in perspective can make you feel.

1.     Purge

Seriously! My family donated, sold, and gave away SO. MUCH. STUFF. We are in the process of making our house a home, and if something doesn’t evoke feelings of happiness, love, or joy, we toss it. It feels SO GOOD. We donate all of our items to the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation  in celebration of my Dad, a Vietnam Veteran, and because they make it SO easy! Simply schedule the day of your donation and put your stuff outside. They pick it up and leave behind a tax form and a bag for your next donation. It’s. Amazing. 

2.     Stop Doing Social Things Out of Obligation

This is a big one. Some people aren’t too happy with us, but it has made the social things we choose to do more positive and joyful than they might have otherwise been. It allows us to have time and energy for new connections, old connections, and best of all: each other. It’s a work in progress, but we are loving it.

3.     Eat More Fruit

Ok. I love – LOVE – meat and veggies. But fruit?? Meh. With or without it. Despite my husband’s constant reminder that fruit is nature’s candy, I usually choose a piece of dark chocolate over a banana. Now, a banana dipped in dark chocolate?? That’s a good compromise! However, having our daughter has encouraged me to really examine the food I am ingesting and the eating habits I am establishing. I have found myself reaching for a clementine, banana, or grapes more than I did last year. Or the year before. Or the year before that. YAY ME!!

4.     Reconnect

2016 was the year for reconnecting with family I hadn’t been in contact with for some time. It took courage on all of our parts to let go of the past and forge ahead, but the common goals of love and support powered us through.  Reconnecting has allowed us to reminisce on positive memories and create new ones. We have all grown in different ways, and while I’m not suggesting that anyone follow the path we did to get here, I have to say, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My family is messy, imperfect, hilarious, supportive, and beautiful.

5.     Volunteer

Volunteering has always been important to me, but this year it became even more of a priority. After we spent our first Valentine’s Day in the NICU with Riley, Russell and I decided that we wanted to make sure that NICU families were remembered during the holidays.  It’s easy to make fun of “Hallmark Holidays” until you are stuck inside a hospital with a loved one hooked up to IVs and cords during one of them. All of a sudden, that Hallmark Holiday is reason to decorate and celebrate. My family teamed up with The Little Giraffe Foundation and during each holiday, we bring bags of joy to families in the NICU at Avista Adventist Hospital, the same hospital where Riley spent her first couple weeks of life. The bags include a minimum of a book and a toy, and then we usually add an additional something as well (a decoration, blanket, or hat). Dropping off the bags feels so good because we get to visit the nurses who cared for Riley and bring a little something to make NICU families smile. If you are interested in donating a toy or a book to our bags, please send me a message or comment below. We would LOVE it!

Wow! When I lay it all out – I’ve done a pretty bang up job with these resolutions!!!  Share what your resolutions could have been! I’d love to hear them! 

** I made the yummy donuts in the photograph this morning with my new Babycakes Donut Maker! I made them Riley-friendly (dairy-free and nut-free)! Kid and parent tested and approved! 

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